I was driving my 98 one day in November and I get rear ended. All that time and effort I put in (as you could see from the photos and posts) were all gone. What I was left with was cash to get a new car. Luckily it was more than what I had spent on the upgrades and original price I paid for it. I then found what was a great deal for a 2003 V6 convertible. It wasn't without it's problems but, I was willing to drive it and tweak it with improvements as time went by. However not more than 1 1/2 months later on new years eve of all days I was involved in a collision due to some idiot running a red light. I would have kept it and repaired it myself but sadly it was undriveable. So I once again get cashed out and have to look for ANOTHER car. Now I finally got it. But although this is 2 years older it is also a large step up. It has all the options the 03 did plus it's a GT.