Currently the Samurai is stock. I've been collecting parts and readying myself for the build. It's going to have YJs over Toyota axles. IFS width rear and Sky IFS widening kit up front. The front will have a HP 3rd with a Spartan and the rear, a V6 3rd with an ARB. There will be MLs up front, none in the back. The gearing is 4.10s in the 3rds and a 6.5:1 case, twin-sticked, HD output, etc. Shrockworks bumpers and sliders. There will be some skid plates, too. Rock 4x Fab cage H3 wheels with 33ish tires (can't remember the metric size off-hand). Steering is MC billet high steer with an FJ60/80 forward facing box Panhard in front anti-wrap in rear, both will be fabbed by me. ... and a bunch of other miscellaneous items, along the way.