Here's some random photos I had on my phone and some background information on my baby. 1973 Datsun 510 KA24E K&N Intake Full Exhaust (kinda) 240SX Steering Column Momo Steering Wheel Techno Toy Tuning Coilovers (Front) Lowering Springs (Rear) 14x7 Enkei 92's I bought the car pretty much the way she sits right now with all of the mods, including the engine swap already done to it. What I was looking for in purchasing the vehicle was a project that I could use as a daily driver also. The body work is shit, the paint job is shit, the interior is shit, but it runs good. & that's exactly what I was looking for. Since buying it I've done small things here and there, nothing major though. I'll keep posting updates as I progress through this build.