12/10/13 Hello fellow Car Domain enthusiast, greetings from Tijuana Mexico This new post is to show you the new addition to my Audi collection, my 1994 Audi 90S pearl white that I’ve just bought 3 weeks ago (11/19/13) from a couple that wanted to sell this car to someone that could take good care of her and put her on the road again after spending an entire year sitting on their driveway due to some transmission problems. She’s got potential and with only 180k on the clock there’s’ plenty of life in her, o though I might switch engine & transmission from my ’93 90S with 120k because of the transmission problems but maybe I’ll save the hassle with dealing with inexperienced mechanics if the problem is fixed… what do you think I should do? These are the very first pictures of her and will be taking new ones after a nice wash and interior cleaning & detail so stay tune o.O