My wife decided since it was her turn to pick the next car, it should be a Mustang.  Could it have been because our youngest (8yo at the time) was a Mustang fanatic, and that his birthday was coming up in a couple weeks?Her only requirements be that it was special, most likely a convertible, and not red.  We were smitten with a black 2008 v6 convertible, looking at a '99 Cobra convertible and then we stumbled upon this 2004 Mach1 while testing a 2006 v6.  We tested it for kicks and realized how nice the non-convertibles were.  We tested the '99 Cobra anyway, but with the mods, it was just too much car for my I talked her and my boy into testing the Mach1 one more time, I drove it like it needed to be driven and they were sold.