I bought this Camaro back n September 19th 2013, It was found in a barn uncovered and  an still plated with the date it was parked, which it was in 2007. The camaro is optioned without T-tops, cruise control, no power windows but has power locks. It was bought without a motor and transmission. It was originally a 5.7 Liter tuned port injection with the factory 10bolt automatic, It's a DX3 strip deleted car. It has currently a Carbureted 5.0 Liter backed by a 700r4 transmission and 1 piece driveshaft.  It had no engine harness or ECM as it was changed over and didn't find the harness anywhere in the car. It's low production numbered with less than 8,000 produced. The real major attention is underneath where the rear floorboards are slowly rotting out, which is typical for these cars. As time goes on I will be posting more updates to this car daily. It has the 1FP87 in medium red, with matching interior. The center console was removed in parts to putting in a B&M Ratchet shifter, but it will be replaced when the modification is complete. It has stock manifolds with dynamax bullet type mufflers from 3.5inch piping all the way back.