This is my 1995 SVX L AWD. I've owned the car since my sophomore year in high school (2009), currently a Senior in College (2013). That being said money is tight at the moment, yet somehow I have managed to put $4K into it already. There are big plans for this car. I know there are lot's of people that say they will turbo this car and 1 year into the project it falls through. I WILL turbo this car regardless of what people think and say. It's been done by 5 people and only 2 of those worked that I know of with evidence to back it up. I do agree that It isn't a cheap/easy task but definitely do-able. I've been thinking about building the engine with the turbo project, but it really isn't a need for my 5-8 psi goal in the EG33. There is still lots of time to think about this. After all that is done I would like to give the car some new paint! There's always the odd and ends in between. I will come back and update this as progress is made.