1996 Astra Sport 1.8 16v in rare pineapple yellow, purchased standard. First modification was to fit a 60mm lowering springs which I already had from a previous Astra I'd broken for spares. That combined with 18" Masitaly VT7 in the correct et49 offset had it sitting a bit better.  The car tramlined badly with the VT7's so changed them for some 15" Cavalier GSi 'slabs' witch gave a smoother ride. Shortly after I fitted some brand new Tecnomagnesio Champion 17" alloys also wrapped in Yokohama Parada tires which cost a fortune and where pretty poor.Due to the car having an engine related electrical issue including the ecu being damaged a 2.0 16v 'redtop' engine was fitted from a the aforementoned car I'd parted out,so I had everything needed for the conversion. An F16 close ratio gearbox from an SRi was fitted to the redtop for quicker acceleration compared to the F18 that was fitted to the 1.8.Shortly after fitting the 2.0 a Pipercross panel filter combined with a Magnex cat-back stainless steel exhaust and sportex decat pipe was fitted to get the car breathing a bit better. With slightly more power I upgraded the brakes with EBCgreen stuff pads and drilled/grooved discs.I also treated it the car to 2x new wishbones, 2x new strut top mounts w/bearings, 2x new track rod ends and 4x new Gmax gas shocks.Being originally a 1.8 Sport it came with a decent spec including Recaro style seats, trip/fuel computer, rear discs etc. I didn't however find the steering wheel particularly nice to look at so swapped it for a smarter Astra GTE 3 spoke wheel. I also changed the rev counter from a 7k RPM to an 8K RPM item to suit the 2.0 engine.