RemyAnthony's 1983 Chrysler Imperial"Project Raven"This 1983 Imperial Coupe was rescued from a field in Arizona in 2012, where it had been sitting for about seven years. After determining that the stock EFI system had been destroyed by neglect, a plan was developed to transform the Imperial using parts from a former project car, a Dodge Mirada. The Mirada had terminal rust (the rear subframe was paperthin), but was packing several good pieces, the highlight of which is the 323ci LA small-block Chrysler powerplant. The swap was performed in October, 2012 and the car first fired off in Feburary, 2013. Currently, the car is driven locally as part of a long-term shakedown. It has made an appearance at the GoodGuys show in Phoenix, AZ and the DICE Alliance car show series in Prescott, AZ. Raven is also a feature build for, where updates occur frequently. (