Got my Blazer in fall of 2012. Kicked ass through the Winter. Not really big enough for some of the Maine winter though, but I moved to Ohio the following February and I won't be needing that height anymore... At least I don't think so. A few things I want to do include the ZR2 flares, the rear tire carrier, a slight lift (2, 3" ), a grass cut skin in Wildfire camo, and some treadwright tires. Eventually I'll get into the fun stuff and class it up a bit. For now I've just done running lights, swapped the Delco stereo for a Sony Xplod, put an Xplod in the door and swapped that speaker in the back door (GM put in 9.5 OHM speakers at the rear and 4 at the front... and everything runs at 4 now). Soon I'll get some subs in, I'm still deciding between 10s or 12s.Thanks for checking out my ride!