First off my name is Jessy I'm 21 years old, my brother in-law and I did all the work on this truck to get it in running condition.I bought this truck on July 12th 2013 for $350. The guy I bought it from put it in the paper to sell the tires they are brand new and he wanted to get rid of it and they came on a 79 Chevy Luv so i called him and he said he parked it cuz it started smoking. So my Brother in-law and i went and looked at it and i took it home before work. The next day i went down to O'reillys and bought a full gasket set, oil and filter,  a can of radiator sealant and everything for a tune up. I replaced the manifold gaskets, exhaust donut and did a tune up and changed the oil as well. She runs pretty good. Future mods:350 Swapfix all the rust spotsPaint it either white or blacklift it 4 to 6'"31' tireschevy axle swapbucket seatseither flowmaster or magna flow exhaust if you have any ideas don't hesitate to share and comments are always appreciated