Welcome.This is my 1970 chev Nova aka"NORMA".

It has a small block 350
350T tranny
4barrel 600cfm Eldelbrock carb
Accel ignition
Flowmster duels
Rear air shocks
That's pretty much about it, I do have a very long wish list though.

The car was a former 6cyl grocery gitter. The previous owner dropped a 350 in it out of a mid 70's Chevrolet truck and also added the SS emblems. I've just replaced the rear frame rails and the body mounts, both were pretty rotten when I bought the car. eventually I would like to make this car into a fun fast hot rod but I still have plenty of work to do to keep it up to my standards (there not very high but realistic!)

Hope you enjoy the pic's and let me know what you think.