I picked this 1994 Mitsubishi GTO SR up for quite cheap. The prior owner had the dings and dents as well as the paint fade from Texas taken care of before i bought the car. It has no rust/rot and only a very few dings/scratches. The worst area on the car is the interior needing seat leathers a glove box latch and door handle pockets. The engine has 160k and this winter i will have need to do the VSS which is not too bad. I have recently done a full LED light conversion as well as HIDs hi/lo/fogs. brand new calipers cross drilled and slotted brakes and KYB struts/springs. I decided to go single din and purchased a JVC EL Komeleon head unit. I decided To do this page as there is not much known about the GTO SR. The GTO SR is a non turbo AWD or FWD car with the full luxury package. This SR is a FWD automatic with the US conversion interior or LHD. Its vin confirms it is a true GTO SR built in Nagoya Japan painted with in the rare "pepsi" blue some 200 were produced. Anyone considering owning one of these should check 3si.com as they have a ton of information pertaining to GTO/3000gt/Stealth cars.