I wanted to replace my old 1989 GMC S-15 Jimmy 4x4 with something bigger, and I think I did that. Bought this in October of 2011. It has had a few things replaced soon after I bought it, but the engine and transmission are working great so I can't complain. I wasn't sure after I bought it if it would be too big but it has become my daily driver. Parts I have replaced so far: both power steering lines, both oil cooler lines, 2 O2 sensors, replaced catalytic convertors with Magnaflow convertors, dual in dual out Magnaflow muffler. I replaced the aftermarket stereo that was in it when I bought it with a Pioneer that I had already. I replaced the blown 4x10 speakers in the rear cargo compartment with Kenwood speakers in November 2011. I replaced the front door speakers with Pioneer component speakers and the rear door speakers with Rockford Fosgate. I also replaced all 4 shocks with Bilstein shocks and added a K&N air filter. I do enjoy driving this truck and will continue to make improvements when I can. Right now I have all new steering linkage parts including pitman arm, idler arm/bracket, all 4 tie rod ends and adjusters. I also have new EBC slotted rotors for the front. I am planning to upgrade the fuel injectors with MFI conversion and at the same time new lower intake and valve cover gaskets. The rear brake shoes will also be replaced and I plan on using new hardware and adjusters. I have done all the work I planned on doing this summer. All new MOOG suspension parts, new front rotors and new rear brake shoes with hardware, replaced the old spider poppet valve injectors with the MFI upgraded injectors along with upper/lower intake gaskets and valve cover gaskets. I also replaced the front and rear stabilizer bar/end link bushings with polyurethane bushings. Front are MOOG and rear are Energy Suspension. Not much left to do except replace oil pan gasket and rear shaft seal on the transfer case. I'll have both differentials and the transfer case serviced when the gasket and seal are replaced. Then just enjoy it. Maybe a few small things here and there.