I purchased my TC back in October of 2012. When I purchased it , I went on and had the spoiler put on before I drove it off the lot. Now that we have hit springtime, I have decided it's time to start making modifications . With that said, I ordered some ED9 Enkei's , I just put on my factory tires that are 225/45/18 yoko's. I had the TRD exhaust put on as well. I really liked how different the car sounded and looked when I picked it up today. My next mod will be adding Eyelids to the front headlights. I am going with CF. I'll also be smoking out the side marker lights on the mirrors. Future plans are as follows: - Injen CAI-Lowering Kit-Front Lip-Mesh Grill-Fog LightsThat is about all I can think of now but many more things will be done to the TC over the course of the year.