My recent edition..95 HSV Senator with the 5.7ltr stroker motor.This has the big brake package and the coulsen interior.Current mods:Lowered, was on 18" Koya mags- Now 19" alloys which are 9.5" wide at the back, Big bore exhaust, Sony headunit and speakers.Strut brace, racing harmonic balancer, Simota filterEagle leads, Iridium plugs- MSD coil soon to be fittedBasically I havent done much to it apart from tidy it up due to the old owner basically neglecting it.I had to fix many items and next on the list is probably a engine rebuild as the rear main seal is starting to leak- since the motor has to come out and apart- might aswell chuck some new parts in there and make it reliable and get a bit more power! 300kw is the power figure Im chasing which shouldnt be too hardTint job has been done, now maybe cracking on with the exterior to tidy her up.. Oh yea- Manual conversion is on the list!But for now- she's a project car!