So i recently bought Red and had most of the work done to it but it was exactly what i would have done from the get go if I was to buy it stock. It is lowered 5/6 flip kit with baggs over the axel and c-noched sitting on 18in Boyd Coddingtons. Doors, 3rd brake light, antenna, and emblems have all been shaved and an aftermarket front bumper and sideview mirrors. All clear lamps have been put on front lit up by Bodda Bling HID's. It is a V-6 so a Flowmaster dual turndown are sounding pretty good on there. Now as for the inside it is pretty much stock except for a few painted pieces, and Alpine deck, complimented with a Menphis sup and amp. Eventually i will be laying frame and tucking 20's but with some type of custom feature to still hold my bike with no holes in the bed.  If anyone has some suggestions throw them at me so i can get some more ideas. Please Rate, I could use some feedback.