God has blessed me yet again!  I really loved my 77 and when I had a chance for this 78 I had to jump.  I found it on Tampa's Craigslist.  So I packed up Christine and Breanna and we flew to Tampa and drove our new ride home to Cincy.  We didn't have any trouble on the way home.  Well, actually the power window motor didn't work on the passenger side.  The previous owner was a good Christian man and he had said that the power windows worked.  When he found out that the motor was broken he went out and bought me a new one   one.                    Here she is!   It's Breanna approved!                                I love the square headlights.                                                                Check out this awesome two tone interior!It also has a remote control for the passenger mirror.                                                                                                              Here is the digital clock that works!  I love this fake wood grain steering wheel.                                I love the white walls and the fender mounted turn signals                          The big 400 with a 4 barrel and soon to have a dual exhaust.                              I like this feature - high beams with a touch of the foot!This car is nicely optioned with tilt wheel and cruise                               It also has power windows and I have some original documentation                               Here is the cool hood ornament and the opera lights!