This is my 1992 Ford F-150 4X4 300 6cyl 5 speed.  I bought this pickup a year ago and so my project started.  I put an aftermarket stereo in it with a 10 inch pioneer sub and kennwood amp. Also a pioneer equalizer that is wired in before the sub and there is a second amp powering a set of 6x9 speakers for now.  I have under the dash blue lights and a few other small things on the interior to dress it up.  Exterior wise I started by putting a tool box on in with 2 4 foot whips then behind the tool box I have stainless bed rails.  I have tinted light covers on the rear also. On the front end I put aftermarket head light assemblies with clear smoked turns and corners, inside of the head light assemblies are 12K H.I.Ds that are very bright and very nice at night.  I then also just recently put a grill guard on the front of it and mounted to fog lights underneath of it.  I also put stock Ford alumminum  rims from in this year on it.  It had a 300 6cyl in it with a 5 speed behind in.  I put a cold air intake on it and performance dual exhaust on it making it so that it will get right around 21-23 mpg down the highway in the summertime.  I haven't done any body work to it as of yet but plan to.  There will be more pictures to come of how it looked before and how it looks now and as I do things to it.  Thanks for looking.