Sharing my 1990 Nissan California second owned and has 116,XXX on the clock when i got it this year.Here are the pics when I got the car, the past owner patched up some faded body parts with acrylic paint so next year would correct that. Good thing is that 96% of the body is lata and did not have any collisions on it.i got the car in a fair price, when I bought the car first thing i did was I drove all the way to alabang to see if what could be any problem to be fixed passed the highway.Then saw that my alternator is not working well so did let the old one be replaced by also a nissan one calsonicThen I installed some of stuff that i wanted for my carA Nardi Classic Black spoke C/O manibela boyThen Changed my radio to newere one a Pioneer and all targa seps and RCA sub and generic android media playerBG 3rd break lamps, old school and period looking correct C/O concordewatched some race on a sundayAfter driving it in the city I decided to have a Tune Up and Change oil and checking of other thing and I discovered a hole in my flooring that i let it be repaired alreadySo then i had the confidence to go out of the city and drove to bulacan to our province and saw the mates of my cali in our garage 2 b14's, and an ad resortJust recently I got bored with my stock look and scouted for new rims and luckily I found new rims for my car.Work Ewing IIIsported it for few days and decided to cut anothe 1/2 at front and achieved the height i wantedI also intalled HID's on my caliso thats it for now guys here are some pics of my cali and our benz