a little about my ride. its a 03 nissam 350z touring edition with every option minus in dash navigation and stock brembos. i bought the car early summer of 2012 it had 115000 miles on it when i got it. it is a 6spd and i paid around 9700$ for it. i do absolutely love this car it has a couple flws the syncros in 2nd gear are worn out and it grinds going into 2nd sometimes, no ac, and has a small dent on the passenger rear quarter pannel, and some miscelanious dings, scratches, and paint fading afterall it is an 03. but what really sold me on the car when i went to go pick it up was the rims it has the true nismo lmgt4 18x7.5 fr, 18x8.5 r wheels on it, other things it has are aftermarket short throw shifter with nismo shift knob, hotchkis adjustable sway bars, cross drilled and slotted rotors, euro tail lights, light weight pullys, muffler delete, and a very small system that consist of a sony head unit and a sony xplode 12' sub running off a dismal 250 watt sony amp. again i am very happy with what my z is capeable of now but i do plan on adding a bit extra in the future my two big goals are a stage 3 (if not stage 4) stillen superchareger kit and a good coilover setup not too sure on what im gonna go with yet so any advise would be appreciated. and no im not doing a body kit just a adjustable chin spliter and cannards, as for a wing i wanna go "do luck" if i can find one if not ill probably go with a nismo wing from the nismo edition 350z.i do have a question has anyone got or used the stillen supercharger kit any stage it dont matter cause im wanting it cause i really love superchargers especially a roots style and love the wine. but let me know of any problembs had with them or good news is welcome too thanx.