I found this Chrysler Newport in north jersey on a used car lot. It was a one owner car; ordered from Morey Chrysler/Plymouth Motors in Brooklyn NY in 1969 for the sum of $4,394.90. The original owner took delivery of the car from salesman J. Buttita on April the 29th, 1970. The car never left Brooklyn until the first owner passed away sometime in the late 1990's. It sat parked and covered up for over ten years before a relative lost storage space and decided to put it up for sale. E2X9 - Bench Seat Vinyl/BlackA01 - Light GroupB51 - Power BrakesD34 - Torqueflite TransmissionE61 - 383 cu. in. engineG11 - Tinted glass, all windowsH51 - Air ConditioningR13 - Radio, Golden Tone AMS77 - Power SteeringV1X - Vinyl Roof, BlackV5X - Body MouldingU36 - WSW Belted Fiberglass Tires H78-15I intend to keep it as long as possible as 2dr "c-body" (large) fuselage style Chrysler car are becoming few and far between very fast due to age, wear and tear, and demolition derby people smashing them up (yes, those folks are not exactly mensa candidates for sure). This is one c body they'll not be getting their hands on. The 383 was in such good shape that I really did not have to do anything to revive it when I first got the car. Usually when you find a car such as this one the motor will be just about no good and ready for a complete re-build, all you Mopar people know the story.....after 40 yrs of abuse it'll be smoking, wheezing, and shuddering or have really bad timing/idle and compression in all 8 cylinders will be close to nil. Surprisingly this 383 was still healthy even after sitting for such a long time. No smoke out of the exhaust during idle or under acceleration, it idled smoothly and just about the only thing I could find wrong was that the original carb was leaking a bit. No worries, I rebuilt the top end anyways to wake it up a bit: a big edlebrock AVS carb on top of a 1/4" spacer, RPM aluminum intake manifold, a new 383/440 cam that's a bit more "lumpier" than the old one, I had some head work done, and added a few more "go fast goodies" under the hood to ensure the 383 will put down melted rubber from an absolute dead stop. The 383 has a nice thick torque band...and it does......easily. What more could ya want? Shortly I'll be swapping the rear differential gears out for a sure-grip unit as it currently does not have that....I guess the old lady did not want to cough up the extra greenbacks to get that option.Although for now I'm liking it, at some point I may pull the 383 and put in its place a healthy 440. Keep your turbo's, overhead cams, and fuel injection. No replacement for displacement is what I say.