Wassup Fam. Im back again. Sorry for the long wait.So, for a much needed update-Escort (died threw a rod destroyed and sold to a salvage yard)-DHS (sold due to going to basic training, didnt do much work on it since she got primed)-Camry (never saw cardomain too much of a rust bucket to even be put on here LOL)-CTS (brand new in the driveway)So without further ado..... Lemme catch you up.I joined the United States Army back in April of 2012. Gettin stationed in Fort Drum.I dreamed of getting another car, kinda was going towards the more high end cars like bmws and audis and shit like that. We'll I stopped at a dealership and was like "yo what can you get me through auction"I specifically was tryin to get a mustang of some sort a GT or a Cobra, but sure enough they brough up this lame ass 06 mustang deluxe with a v6 and supposedly it was a "Boss" edition cause it had "Boss headers" I aint gunna lie that car was impressive and i was like mmmm yeah, no. lol so They brought in this cadillac CTS fresh outta auction and presented it to me. Now I aint gunna lie, I seriously found these cars ugly unless is was the CTS-V which i was so dying to get but theres always room to upgrade. I test drove the car took it for a good 10 mile run and did some hard acceleration, full throttle, brake checks blah blah, went down and checked out all the features and i was like.... hmm this is pretty legit. After getting back to the dealership she just turned over 100,000 miles. I told the dealer 8500 cash and i'll take it since he was askin 14k for it. Well.. He sold it to me. Got my insurance and everything and drove off to the nearest rim shop and tint shop. and well here she is!