Just purchased a 2006 AWD Dodge Magnum RT Fully loaded w/NAV.I added this car on my Charger page.Not a fan of the new page setup on car domain.  I like it better where I can edit it like a web page.Bought this for my wife so she can have an all season vehicle that she can drive year round.  I will be putting my Charger away for the winter and will be driving the Durango.We drove all the way to CT to buy this car and It is a great car.  had fun driving back with it, The power is similar to what mine was before I modded it, so i guess we will be modding this too.  It is Fully Loaded with Every option including NAV Few things needed to be fixed, the Axles both had torn boots, Lower ball joint on the passenger side and the Outer tie rod on the passenger side needed to be replaced.  Dealer paid to have the axles done locally at a dodge dealer but the ball joint seeing it was an AWD needed to replace the entire lower control arm.  Dealer paid to replace that too.  the Tie rod needs to be replaced but they did not have it in stock so I bought the part and will have it installed and then get it aligned here  and the dealer said i can send him the bill for it.  So far the dealer has been realy good on his word and everything that he has done for us seeing we are two states away!.