Acquired a Toronado Red 16v July 2012.� Body in decent shape.� Motor ok, tranny clacks a bit but some Redline MTL and a flush has helped.� She was filthy so the undercarriage, wheel wells and engine have been pressured washed to make for a cleaner work environment.�

Rebuilt wiring harnesses under dash where they were hard and melted, cleaned/repaired/replaced contacts and thermofuse holder.� No more corrosion!� Blower motor switch is no longer hot to the touch, imagine that! I cleaned and relubed the blower motor as well. No wonder the previous owner disconnected it.� Put in my dash from GF 3 since it's in much better shape, only one minor crack.� Sunroof fixed, a/c fixed.� Put in half the cruise control module but it will be�a task to modify parts to make it work on a 16v.� Corrado seats.�

Added in stoiciometric ( I think it's a wide band), volt meter so far.� New carpet from the previous owner, about the only redeeming part of the sale.� New passenger side rear caliper.� Looking for adapters so I can put my old JFZ dual piston calipers and larger drilled and slotted rotors onto the front.� Made a new clip from a bookshelf holder so the rear parcel tray does not fall into the trunk anymore.

Upcoming will be to finish trim for carpet, Power windows are in. Power locks locks, power trunk lock & alarm system will be going in soon. I have an Audi 5000 sunroof motor to put in now but I still need to run a power lead up to the roof. About the only thing Euro looking will be the headlights. I purchased those from eurojettanut out of Germany on VWVortex. He's a great guy to do business with if you need parts. The bonus with these lights are clear turn signals and motorized head lamp adjusters.

Ground Control coil overs will go in later. I have those sitting in the garage. From GR 3, I have a '91 Jetta 2.0 16v with an Autotec cam. I will get springs to match. That motor will be bored out to 2.1l to accomodate domed forged pistons. The motor will be completely balanced and blueprinted. Work will be done at Autosport Seattle. And Precision Fine Tuning. I have at Dgig II system going in for the fuel/electronic ignition management.