6 footers can sit in the front, 5 foot 3 inches can sit in the back, we have sit 4 people in the car.  Sometimes 3 people with our dog in the seat behind the driver's seat.  It is good for a city car.  For those who say that it does not have a trunk.  Well, it is a city car.  And, if you only have up to 3 passengers in the iQ, you still can fold one of the back seats down and that creates an roughly 6.6 cubic feet of cargo space.  This is especially great in big cities where parking spaces are hard to find.  It solves some of the parking problems.  It has very small turning radius, just 12 feet or 6 feet from the center of the circle.  It comes standard with bluetooth, 11 airbags, a lot of other safety features, side-mirror turning signal lights, a nice CVT which is perfect for city driving if you don't like cars that shifts a lot in the city driving environment.  Sitting on the front seats, you actually feel that it is a bit larger than the current Yaris.  The power is enough for uphill in city such as San Francisco, no problem at all.  On the freeway, it is quite smooth, it is quite easy to get up to 70 mph which already is beyond the speed limit of a lot of CA freeways of 65 mph.  I have tried 75 mph and still it had a lot of room to go faster, but I just didn't want to try.  However, the claimed 36 mpg / 37 mpg  city/freeway gas mileage is somewhat falling short.  On the freeway, I easily average between 35 and 39 mpg; but in city driving, I normally get between 27.5 and 31 mpg only.  If you need to go along with the faster flow of the traffic, it is easy to see lower mpg in city driving.  Even if I am ultra light on my right foot at traffic lights stop and go situation, I mostly manage to get between 27.5 and 31 mpg in city only driving.  That is the only drawback I have so far, but still manages to surpass a 2010 Civic of my cousin, which only gets 24-27 mpg in city driving only.  It is so easy to find parking spaces in between drive-ways of houses in big cities.  It actually makes my life much easier.  If I need to go for long trips, I just borrow a bigger car from Zipcar.  I love it, I love the iQ, it only lacks a sunroof, like the one available for SmartForTwo.  Hopefully, Scion will fix that with their Gen2 iQ.  And my out of the door price was $17,100.  Peace.