Ugh, I wish the box on the left would make up its mind.  The more I hit "Exterior Color: Red" and "Interior Color: Black", the more it keeps switching to what you see.Anyways, 4/21/12.  I had been on CraigsList a week or so after my birthday and found a gem.  It's a 1988 Camaro IROC-Z28, originally Gunmetal Gray, 305 TBI LO3, T-5, GU4 3.08 open diff rear axle with drum brake car.  Whomever had their hands on the car, before the guy I bought it from (who only wanted the engine), butchered it really good.  A couple rust holes here and there.  A LOT of holes drilled here, there, and everywhere in the floor pan for apparently no reason at all.  16" IROC rims don't fit on the rear wheel hubs and all 4 are missing lug nuts (I think it had half the full set between all 4 wheels).  Looks like the driveshaft broke loose of the companion flange on the rear axle and tried to eat its way into the car.  Fuel lines, brake line, and brake cables CUT OFF about a foot before the rear axle.  No track bar or torque arm on the rear axle until just before it was loaded on the dolly (I put them in myself), and all hardware for the axle was loose.  Hatch from an 86 installed, with no latch and no working struts.  Hood struts don't work.  NO WIRING (groan).  Lower dash support bar installed and that's all there is of the dash except for the speedometer which shows 97,384, that I believe to be closer to 200K than 100K.  Spoiler deleted and holes welded shut.  Mismatching tail lights, one grid and one base.  Front plate mount removed and broken.  Fog lights deleted.  Speakers deleted.  Doors missing bolts, and driver's side is not only missing the spring but anything to mount spring to.  Emblems removed and holes left empty.  Missing antenna.  Plate mounted into hole on passenger's side where blower motor is, and fresh air vent on driver's side missing, leaving a nice hole for rain to drip down into the driver's footwell.  Both upper and lower radiator supports damaged, lower having been partially replaced with sheet metal duct.The good?  For $900, I got a straight body with all panels.  Plus bonuses of tinted side windows, wonderbar brace, 3-point upper strut tower brace, driveshaft safety loop, and subframe connectors.  The bad?  Other than the above, I got a car load of parts I can't get rid of, plus the junk parts from the 87.