_FEARLESS1: 1992 Mitsubishi Magna with a 4G54 sohc block and a T28 turbo hanging of a custom turbo manifold, with a 3inch turbo back exhaust system... The car uses an Apdatronic ecu ( made in Australia )built to be a street driven Go-Kart, the car has adjustable Koni shocks that have been custom made to fit into the standard struts, and also a strut brace to tighten the front suspension up...ENGINE: Sadly when i got this car, it had an engine with some A-grade work done, but shortly after owning it the cam pin broke, and destroyed the block and bottom end... but it didnt effect the head, so its now on a stardard block, the head has a heavy cam... to the point its tuned to idle at 1200rpm so it doesnt stall,the head also has double valve spring customed installed..The intake air temp is kept cool, with a killer big intercooler... with 2/12 inch pipe work to the turbo and engine intake manifold... To get some looks, a SQV blow of valve is installed... this also keeps the turbo surge to a minimum..THE RIDE: When i got this car it was in a very bad state, the old owner had let it go, so after getting it running again, it was time for some paint... and fix up any rust we found!!The colour is "VE HOLDEN poison ivy", it took about 4 weeks, we also did some modifing to the body to make it look alot cleanerFRONT BUMPER: This was my first full custom front bumper... it started off as a 2004 WRX bumper, and i've gone from thereThis has been a great car, i put it through alot of pain and all it does is give me smiles in return.. its a car with a heart and soul... and one i will always love <3SHOOTING FLAMEShttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=krMbRAS4KsM&list=UU1wSmAVu0lA5DE6KP4oM9hA&index=1&feature=plcpBURNOUT (before painted)http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nq5-e-1yn5c&list=UU1wSmAVu0lA5DE6KP4oM9hA&index=5&feature=plcp