Dear Ford and vintage car enthusiasts,my ride is a Ford model Taunus 15M. This Ford was built by Ford in Germany. The plant in Cologne was built in1931 and the first Ford built there was a model A as it was built in the US too.In 1939 the first "Taunus" - which is in fact the name of a mountain area in southern Germany - was built. 7100 Taunus where built from 1939-1940. After that Ford in Germany has to built trucks for the german soldiers. A sad story as everybody nows. After WW2, Ford Cologne started pass car production again in 1948 with the Taunus from 1939. Some changes where done, but basically the 1.2 Liter engine with 34 PS was used again. The car was produced until 1951. After that, the new Taunus 12M with a modern body style was introduced. The same engine, but now with a water pump and 38PS was still used. The body style was also used for the new Taunus 15M which get a new developed 1.5 Liter engine with 55 PS (60 SAE PS). In 1955, 55 PS have been a high middle class range. Only about 3 of 100 people in Germany where able to own a car. The Taunus 15M  got another front style as the 12M, but this style was used also for the 1958 12M. The model 15M was built from 1955 to 1958 in Cologne. The sun roof, the left sided mirror, the heating system and the radio where features which have to be ordered separately. The basic price was 6.185 Deutsche Mark from 1955 to 1958.In 1957 the Ford Taunus 17M was introduced with 1.7 Liter engine - based on the 1.5 Liter engine, but with 60PS. This car was planned to be sold in the US and Canada. Unfortunately there is not much information about these plans in Germany and there is no information so far about the Taunus 12M model sold in 1958-1959(?) in Canada. I just found here in cardomain somebody who found a 12M at a scrap yard and a sales brochure in ebay from 1958/59 where 12M and 17M where shown.I know about the sales of the 17M in the US, but I would like to get more information about the sales of 12M and 17M in Canada.There is an Ford vintage car club in Germany: www.alt-ford-freunde.deYou can find here photos of the german Ford models Taunus, Taunus 12M and of course of all following Taunus models. The name Taunus was used by Ford Germany up to 1982. Have a look at the Ford Taunus history at our homepage.One of the biggest markets for vintage car parts is the so called "Veterama". You can check dates and details at www.veterama.deOf course our Ford vintage car club will also be there and can be found in hall 2. If anybody has information about the sales of 12M and 17M in Canada or the US, it would be great to share the information with me.If anybody has questiones to german Ford models, just don�t hesitate to contact me.Frank - 15M driver