1993 MX-5 105,8xx miles, NO RUST! If you would have told me 5 years ago that one day I would want one of these, I would have laughed at you.... But in recent years I have discovered that horse power is NOT everything. But rather a well built chassis, and overall package, this car has 20 year old struts and you can STILL chuck it around. Not as hard as you would be able to if the suspension was in order... The engine runs SO SO smooth. I could've probably got a 1.8l, but the gearing in the 1.6l jst makes for more fun if you ask me. Low gearing and a high revving engine with a nice exhaust note make for SO MUCH FUN. In the near future the car will be getting BC coil overs and all new suspension bushings. Along with frame rail braces, and a hard dog roll bar.