I bought this jeep back in oct 07 for 500 bucks and like 260,000 on it. front bumper was missing, half the guage lights didnt work. the radio had been rigged and it sounded like a sherman tank coming down the road for lack of a more accurate description.. it leaked about a 1/4 of a quart of oil every 150 miles and if it was lower than 40 deg outside it wouldnt wanna move until it had been allowed to run for atleast 15 mins, and lemme say the interior trim parts and dash was all laying in the back of the thing when i got it lol. but several years later and mods as the miles have packed on it is still going with 361,200 miles and counting. i will attempt to show you my progress thus far. it had cloth seats, hitch, 4.0, pwr windows and really nothing more as of fancy.