"Mitsy" is a 1986 Mitsubishi Mighty Max/Ram50/D50 Pickup that was bone stock with a tonneau bed cover when purchased. The truck was purchase in '87 in San Francisco, CA for $5,200 and had 4800 miles on odometer and still own it.  This truck has  gone just about every where  on the map, including the Mini-Truck Supernationals in Narrows Park, Victorville CA. This was one of our greatest times in the truck and enjoyed a very friendly crowd of people. The truck now has over 250,000 miles on the odometer and has seen many aftermarket parts and also a complete engine rebuild. A common problem with these G63B 2.0L engines is that they do not like to be over heated and extra precautions have been taken to avoid this. I have installed a Weber carb with the adapter hi-rise, an Australian header for the paired port  head. I have a Schneider full race cam with springs Advanced curved distributor Adjustable cam gear  Magnaflow single in duel out stainless steel muffler  2 in. exhaust.  New cowl hood Oversized radiator with electric fan 100amp alternator Oil catch can No smog Installed the quad 4 headlight D50 front end with grill Driving lights Interior has been replaced with Eclipse bucket seats I have collected the best items from the D50 and Ram50 and installed them in truck. It has sort of been a DNA gene splitting of all the 1st gen styled truck from dodge and mitsubishi. There was a full carpet kit in back and a matching Snug Top shell, but I have since removed and sold it because off lack of use. The truck runs great after a recent rebuild and I'm sure it will continue to run well.. It's getting close to re-paint time which will definitely be red again, but a better shade then the California Red version. stock version.