This is my '95 Chevy G-20. I bought it with 36,000 miles on it from the original owner in a southern rust-free state about four years ago. It now has 97,000 miles on it. The front coils were cut and there are extra leaf springs on the rear. The rake is just a bit too radical for me, but I'm not changing it back now. Tread is 295/50r15 on the rear (on 10" black steelies) and 255/60r15 on the front. It runs excellent. I live on gravel so this is as nice as you'll ever see it. Gravel destroys everything - it seeps in everywhere and fills up every crevice. Door handles even stop working after a while. After two short years in Iowa, rust developed below the rear taillights, so I had that fixed. I hope it lasts for many years. The rear seats are out of it, so I can haul stuff, including the annual 12 foot Christmas tree.