The '04 Mazda was having issues so I got a new ride.Found a 2000 Subaru Forester S, one owner, 148,000 miles.  Pretty clean, has all the goodies I need.8/15/2012 - Picked up an '05 WRX cat-back and new Borla replica UEL header.9/1/2012 - Fixed the trailer wiring harness, removed the resonator and added a Spectre universal intake tube - now nice cool air from the fender.  :)  Also added Hella Supertones.  [url][/url]  Nice and loud!9/3/2012 - Rally Armor mudflaps came in!  I went with the Impreza Basic flaps because I intend on dropping it on WRX struts and springs at some point so I didn't want the full size Forester flaps to drag.  I really needed them because the stock passenger rear was missing.  :(9/15/2012 - UEL header installed.  Yummy boxer burble.