_Ok So I bought this ride as an emergency last winter after my brothers mustang kept skiing in the heavy snow. Decided it was time for a 4 wheel drive. What turned out to be a temporary situation, ended up being a project I couldn't help but had to do. It was not in the greates condition when I got it since it had " body cancer" but like all "survivors" This baby has come a long way. After it being in"kemo Therapy" (Garage/mechanic's shop) for almost 2 months, I decided, If I am investing money in it, why not go all out. So began a journey with this ride. Since I got it, nothing had been done to this jeep in anyway to modify it. After it came back from the Jeep dealership where it spent almost 2 months( Do Not take your Jeep there) It is ridiculous how much they charge you for a small item to fix. As you can see in the pictures, for example, a bumper guard was missing, the cv joints were shot on this, speedometer didn't work, drivers rear side didn't go down, tailgate didn't open, starter was going out, PCM also was bad and car would die alot. This Jeep had lil dings here and there but nothing major. Besides the rocker panels being rusted out on the drivers side, there was rust here and there mainly on the underbody. Since then many new toys have been added to this ride and now almost 180K miles later, it still is running storn and takes me everywhere without ever failing me yet. Here are a list of mods since I got it:After the Jeep died, I tried everything I could think off to revive it and since I am good with my hands, I did all the basic stuff first by myself before taking it in.1.) Fuel Pump was replaced with new fuel filter (Still didn't fix the problem)2.) A complete tune up with all Spark plugs and spark plug wires, distributor cap replaced (still dead)3.) Crankshaft position sensor replaced (still fucking dead)4.) Cam sensor replaced (OMG now I am getting pissed)5.) Oil changed and oil filter installed (WTF! Still wouldn't turn over)6.) Air filter checked and replaced (Really now! Still wouldn't start)Finally having tried everything I could think of, it was time for the big dog's to do what they get paid to do. I took it into the Jeep Dealership since I didn't know any mechanincs yet in this lil town. They said they would run a diagnostic ($75) which I thought was a rip off and then they would let me know what the problem is and we would go from there. Word of advice, if ever going into a shop, go with someone who knows cars or else you will always get ripped off. They will take a simple problem and look for 10,000 other ones just so your cost can go up and they will tell you bullshit like if you don't get this done now, you could be in danger of having an accident, yay!!!! way to go on scaring the shit out of your customers Jeep Dealership. So $1212.42  later, tax included, it turned out to be the PCM (Post Control Module) which is the computer for your car. Now back then I had no idea what the PCM's function was or let alone how to locate it. But just like any dog that can be taught a new trick, so can people who are car savvvyyyy. My Jeep was back to life. Woohoo!!! Also being that it was West Virginia, It was winter and we worked in PA so it was a 30 min commute each morning and the Jeep was our only source of transport that was a 4WD. Later as time passed, I decided to look up the cost of a PCM (USed) online and see if they were real hard to install. Apparently not, a used PCM on ebay was about $125 and it was a plug and play type of thingy with only 4 bolts holding it down. WTF JEEP!!!!!!! Thanks for ripping me off. SHit, I could have had more money to buy more beer. So fast forward to a few months later, Car dies down again. This time I am ready for it. Turns out starter was going bad. SO $50 later thanks to a junkyard close by, I have my Jeep up and running again. but here are pics so enjoy and more to be posted soon.Here is a rundown of what I have modified so far* New PCM* New Fuel Filter Fuel Pump* New Spark Plugs, Spark Plug Wires Distributor Cap* New K&N Oil Filter* New Silverstar Lights (60% brighter than the originals)* New Map Sensor* New Crankshaft Position Sensor* New Cam Sensor* New 31x10.5R15 Mickey Thompson Tires on Mickey Thompson Rims* New Catalytic Convertor* New 50 Series Flowmaster ( I will have a video of my Jeep up shortly with it's beastly sound)* New Old Man EMU 3.5 Lift Kit with Rocky Road Shock Absorbers (Haven't installed it yet but will shortly* New Double Scoped Hood (Looks badass)* New Boss 3 way 6.5" Speakers 300W per speaker* New Clarion Deck with Aux input and Remote Control* New Tow Hooks mounted to frame of car (Yet to be installed)