So, sadly it was time for Sydney (my 2011 Sonata) and I to part ways. I always had a love for the EX35, and as a previous owner of one it was time for my daily driver to once again be an Infiniti. This particular EX35 is equipped with the Premium and Deluxe Touring packages, giving it hard drive Infiniti navigation (voice activated with real time weather and all that craziness), 11 speaker Bose audio (which sounds amazing btw :D), some kind of air filtration system in the AC unit (Plasmacluster I think Infiniti calls it), full 360 degree view of the car with use of cameras, HID headlights, and one of my favorites are those 19" Infiniti wheels! :)Eventually, I plan on getting the windows tinted (possibly not until after my fiancee and I get married in October) and definitely some mudguards before the winter at least. Other than that, I really plan on keeping this car pretty much stock, as I feel it really isn't the type of vehicle to go crazy on aftermarket mods. Time will tell, but I plan on Xena and I being great friends in the coming years. :)