I am new to this site but I enjoy modding so any ideas or opinions would be nice.This is my new 2006 2.0L 4cyl Mazda3 5speed. I bought it in early June from a local dealership in Charleston, South Carolina after I solid my 2003 Nissan Xterra (ill post pics later).I moded the Xterra for Offroading and I want to mod the Mazda for racing. I was happy because the car came with 10% tint all the way around and there was an aftermarket alarm system installed. Future Mods (I am open to any ideas or anything anyone else has to say. Brands or anything like that would be nice)CAI has just been ordered and will be installed on 7/9/12! The CAI has been installed!!!!Stage one turbo LEDs in the footwellsTuner Chip (haven't found a legit one for a decent price)Stock Mazda rims instead of my steelies and hubcapsNew exhuastHalo Rings (I could use some tips or a guide to install and what kind to buy)Short Shifter and new shift knob (thinking TVM but not sure)Please comment and rate :) I'll check yours out!