ok so this is my ride it is a 1960 austin healey sprite it is british racing green and flat black,all the chrome has been sandblasted and powder coated black and it has been converted to electric,a 72 volt system presently it is 110 amphour but soon to be 220,paint done in garage by my son,powder coat by me. The entire conversion came as a kit is a company from Boulder Colorado called EV wilderness, and they sell this kit or $2700. It's a pretty all-inclusive kit eight comes with everything you need the ought to wire the gauges motor controller everything except the batteries themselves. I have a couple to my transmission so I generally use fourth year most of the time third gear when I got Hills I need to climb and reverse in and out of parking spots. Probably the next upgrade I'll give it in about a year will be to an AC motor and controller the benefit of doing that is that I get regenerative braking that's generating electricity while you're going downhill. This