this is my 88 pontiac lemans that ive had for about 6 months now...its been a great car for me, i bought it off of the origional owner for 700 bucks mainly for the fuel economy and it never seaces to surprise has the 1.6 liter ohc 4 cylinder motor and a 5 speed manual trans...shortly after i got it the exhaust got screwed up thanks to the speed bumps i haveto go over to get to my house so the exhaust consists of a thrush glasspack muffler 6 feet of steel flex pipe and a cherry bomb high flow canister muffler at the the long run it sounds like a v6 ricer...nice mellow tone...and it gives the car 36 mpg in town and took the 81 hp motor up to around will do high 11's in the quarter mile at 90ish mph and also gets 45-55mpg at highway speeds depending on weather conditions and driving constantly working on the car trying out new things with currently working on a body kit for it which sucks because these werent a very popular car for upgrading but i think its worth it...also working out some 14 inch wheels and a cold air intake (mostly because the origional was broken when i got it) but for a commuter car its damn