More info and pics to come soon...12/10/11****So yeah, I accidentally tried out the new version of cardomain and it screwed my whole page up. So now that I have fixed it, I definately wont be trying the new version again. Anyways, no new updates unfortunately. The windows are tinted now but thats it. Winter has arrived which means, me and the car curl back up into our shells til it gets warm or halfway warm out again. Probably look for more updates in the spring. It was easier for me to update the page on my Celica because I was ALWAYS doing something with it. But since I dont have the Celica anymore ...... :(This is my new baby. I just bought it August 28th! The only thing I have done to it so far was add the pink pinstriping, had the dealership order the stock spoiler and added it, and added the tail covers. My plans for this is to completely murder it out. All black everything. I dont have many pics of it right now, so I will be slowly adding them as things start to get done. Winter is coming soon so I doubt anything will be going on right now. But stayed tuned. :)