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EastsideGABoy’s 1999 Volvo S70

Roxanne (Foxy Roxy)

  • Engine Size
  • HP
  • 0-60 Time
  • Weight
  • 1/4m sec
  • Torque
  • Top Speed
    160 mph
  • Exterior Color
  • Interior Color
  • Mobile Electronics Diamond Audio Subwoofers

    Date Installed
    Feb. 1, 2011

    Installed 02/01/2011

    Installed Myself.2 Diamond Audio D3 12" Woofers. 1200 watts Max RMS each. 800 watts normal. Dual Voice Coil, in 2 ohm mode. Bolted Sub Enclosure to car.

  • Air & Fuel Delivery Xemodex Throttle Body

    Date Installed
    Sep. 1, 2011

    Installed 09/01/2011

    Fixed a common problem on 1999 and up Volvos. Surging, Hesitation, and Stalling, were common problems of a failing ETM/ETB. Volvo had 2 "Fixes" one was to replace your white labled ETM/ETB with a yellow labled one. This fixed the problem for everyone, for about 20-50,000 miles. Volvo did not cover this replacement until 2005 when a major lawsuit and bad publicity forced VCONA to issue a recall under warranty. The recall was good for 10 years or $200,000 miles. The etms were fixed under this, but Volvo did shady things such as suggest the ETM needed cleaning in order for customers cars to be driveable a little longer untill their warranty ran up, so they could charge full price($1,100) for a new unit. A site called was dedicated to this whole ETM fiasco, and out of that mess came Xemodex, a company that sells ETM's that will never fail, and are warranteed for life. Price was $500.Visit or for more info, and the actual final repair that you will need.

  • Exterior & Accessories DEPO Headlights

    Date Installed
    Oct. 1, 2012

    Installed 10/01/2012

    This was easy as pie to install. Fitment was great. Only downside was I had to order new HID bulbs, since these headlights use a different low beam and high beam bulb. Removal of my old HID bulbs from the old headlights added maybe 5 minutes of time to the job(thats a BIG Maybe). Just waiting on the replacement HID bulbs to get here. Thank goodness most aftermarket HID systems are easy to use, and you can just swap bulbs out if you ever change to headlight housings that use a different type of bulb than what you already have.

  • Engines & Components IPD Valve Stems

    Date Installed
    Sep. 1, 2011

    Installed 09/01/2011

    Nice looking accessory. Enough said.

  • Ignitions & Electrical 0 Guage Power and Ground Wire Wiring

    Date Installed
    Aug. 1, 2011

    Installed 08/01/2011

    0 Guage Power and Ground wire. 90% red wire, 9% blue wire, 1% brown ground wire. Also have 200A ANL Fuse and Fuse Holder. Just what's needed for my 2000 watts of greatness.

  • Mobile Electronics Hifonics Amplifier

    Date Installed
    Aug. 1, 2011

    Installed 08/01/2011

    Had no real issue doing the install, other than a weak ground source. Could not figure out why the amp kept draining itself out and off. Took us about an hr to find the true problem. Amp is really powerfull. Came with bass knobb with light up blue led. The letters Hi-fonics light up bright led blue. I removed the bass knob from its housing and put it behind the dash, into one of the blanks for dashboard switches.

  • Exterior & Accessories EFX Headlights

    Date Installed
    Jan. 1, 2011

    Installed 01/01/2011

    10,000K EFX H7 HID's. These were on my 1998 S70 GLT that was totalled last August. Somehow these survived, even though the housing, and pretty much everything else related to the headlight was destroyed. One bulb was perfectly fine, and the other bulb had some damage to the wire. That damage eventually cause intermittent problems with that one light, and so I removed the malfunctioning HID and replaced it with a True 5900K Blue Halogen Bulb for the time being. Even though only 1 HID is on the car, it is still brighter than my fog lights + the other halogen 5900K bulb. Almost as bright as both of my bright lights(which are halogen).

  • Fittings & Hoses Samco Engine Hose

    Date Installed
    Sep. 1, 2011

    Installed 09/01/2011

    Top hose is very easy to install. The lower hose that goes on the drivers side (On Left Hand drive vehicles) is a P.I.T.A. to install. There are so many things in the way. It will take you forever, unless you do this everyday for a living. The hoses look good, and haven't bust yet. They survived being on my 1998 S70 GLT during the crash, with no damage. They are going on 3 years old, and no signs of fatigue or wear.

  • Exterior & Accessories ABM - Headlights (Volvo) Headlights

    Date Installed
    Sep. 1, 2010

    Installed 09/01/2010

    I had the full ABM projector kit on my 1998 S70 GLT. I totalled the 1998 GLT last August. Somehow the corner lights/turn signals survived, but the projector head lights did not. I put these corner lights on instead of the stock corner lights.

  • Air & Fuel Delivery custom built Intercooler

    Date Installed
    Oct. 1, 2011

    Installed 10/01/2011

    Bought kit off of eBay that included a GodSpeed intercooler. The new intercooler has yet to be installed.

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Comments (3)
  • EastsideGABoy
    How do the new Wheels look?
  • EastsideGABoy
    Thanks man. It seemed at first that all the money i was spending was going nowhere. That all changed the day the engine came to life. You should have seen the grin on my face. She is running good now. In the process of getting to 400 HP.
  • OldManCaddy
    hey man great save. engine fire and all, you have put a good amount of money into this thing to get it better than stock. nice mods, nice work.