To start, thanks for checking out my car. Any and all feedback is welcome, positive or negative.It's a 1983 Camaro sport coupe with the LG4 305 and 700R4 automatic transmission. I bought the car, may 2011 and have been working on it since then gettin it ready for when i get my license back(it's suspended for stupidity). Hope you enjoy it.I'm not sure what all was done to the car when i bought it. All i know is it has American Racing 14 inch wheels, which will be removed eventually, maybe just used for winter wheels. Also i know it has an aftermarket cam, assuming from Crane Cams since it has a sticker on the rear window. And had an Edelbrock 750cfm Carburator, which was too big and already replaced with an Edelbrock 600cfm. Last thing i know of was i believe its an MSD cap and rotor, no label or logo on it, so im not sure, nor am i sure if the whole distributor was replaced.