json707's 1964 Cadillac DeVille All original all the way down to the T3 headlamps. The previous owner, owner number 2, was a car collector who collected 20's & 30's Plymouths & Chryslers. He died unexpectantly and his car club buddy sold off his collection. This one was the only one that didn't fit the Chrysler criteria. Luckily it was also the last car to be sold from his collection so the seller was willing to be flexible on the price as I couldn't afford his original asking price. Thanks to him I was able to aquire this beautiful and classic vehicle. I doubt I will ever sell this beauty.1964 was the "last year of the fins". It was also the first year that any vehicle offered climate control, cadillac called this feature "comfort control".I have currently replaced the factory points with the Pertronix Ignitor II as well as the factory coil with the Pertronix flame thrower coil. I replaced the AM only Wonderbar radio with an original rebuilt AM/FM radio. I have also replaced the non working but original T3 headlamps with run of the mill auto part store grade headlamps while I wait for the right opportunity to find another original set of T3's. The convertible top motor went out on me summer of 2013 so I figured I would replace it along with the hydraulic cylinders and lines. The top needs replacing which will be completed this winter in time for next summer. Also, purchased some white wall paint off eBay and even tho it's not era correct for this year I have modified the white wall size to the wide whites. I think it compliments the classic nosatalgicness (if that's a word! lol) of the car.At 18.9 feet long it's difficult to find a car cover that will fit, that doesn't cost an arm and a leg being a custom fit, that doesn't rip when trying to use it.