Wreck Racing's GRM $2010 Championship1992 Mazda Miata MX-5Check out the vehicle modifications listed on the left sidebarMore info and pics to come soon...After winning the GRM $2010 Challenge, the GRM staff approached us about attending the 2011 UTCC with our miata.  We were thrilled at the propect of setting the car up for an all-out, hands-down, gloves-off, fists-a-flying, time-trial track battle.  So, here we are.  We're currently scrambling to make the necessary modifications to the car to set it up for the high-speeds of VIR and we're looking forward to the new challenge.  Details of the new modifications will be forthcoming over the next few weeks, but we've uploaded some details of the car's build over the last several years to keep you happy in the mean time. Our goal for the UTCC is to make only minimal increases in our budget (mostly for safety equipment), so we'll get a chance to see how a $2,000 challenge car stacks up against some of the ultra-high budget entries.We hope to see you all at the UTCC this July. Vehicle Modifications (see sidebar for some details on specific projects):- Lexus/Toyota V8 swap: 1UZ-FE (from SC400), DOHC, 32V, 4.0L, 7200 RPM Redline- Hand-built DIY AutoTune MegaSquirt I V3.0 PCB- EDIS 8 coil-type ignition- Custom manu-matic transmisison controller with paddle shifters- Ford 8.8 IRS rear differential with Ford Racing 4.10 ratios and clutch-type LSD- Custom hybrid axle assemblies and hubs (Factory Five axle shafts, ford CV's, custom CV cans and hubs)- Custom, twin-core all aluminum radiator, cap, and overflow tank- Custom, NHRA 10-second-legal drag racing roll cage- Custom tubular steel headers- Custom racing springs with adjustable perches (600 lb/in front, 400 lb/in rear)- Bilstein SpecMiata racing shocks (front)- KYB AGX adjustable shocks (rear)- Racing beat front sway bar- Custom widebody fender flares- Aero race wheels: 13x10, 4x100- Hoosier A6 competition tires- Custom cold-air intake- Aluminum racing seat- G-Force 5-point racing harnesses- Custom axle and driveshaft hoops- Custom battery relocation box- Chopped windshield- Gutted and reinforced chassis