Bought the Edge to give my wife some confidence in a vehicle while I am deployed. Was driving past the Ford dealership while she was registering for classes and found this! She loves the color and loves the car so I combined the two and instantly got the info on it and showed it to her when I picked her up! Funny thing is, when we bought it the next day, her sister had to drive us because we were still drunk from the evening before!!!! Tha salesman had a kick out of it!Pro Zen cold air intakeFactory overhead DVD system with cordless headphonesMTX: 10" 5500 series woofersSledgehammer downward firing box3401 ampStinger 10 farad�capacitor. Tha wife put the system in�the�Edge�from my Expedition, it's loud as shit! We tore the system out of the�Expedition right in the parking lot of the�dealership when we traded it in.� 19 Jan 2014- I got permission from the wife last summer to just go ahead and throw the system in the Ranger, I did and it was way louder, hitting almost 150 with 2 10s and a 1200 watt amp and no cap. I just sold the Ranger Sunday the 12th and now the system is sitting in the garage. I now have a single ten in the Edge with LED lighting everywhere in the car. My next accent is Ford symbols that project on the ground when you open the doors. This will happen in the spring when it is way warmer! I would also like to throw a nice aggressive sounding exhaust on it to. 25 Feb 2017 - Lights in the doors have not happened as one has been lost in shipping from Korea but will be installed once the new one comes. I plan on lifting this beast 2.25 inches and throwing 32's in the wheel wells, Bull Bar with lights, Roof Rack with lights and hydro dipping all that damn chrome. I have thrown on a set of cross drilled and slotted rotors with power stop carbon pads on all four corners which has helped dramatically with stopping distances.