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Arizen13’s 1999 Chevrolet Malibu

Blacktop Cruiser

10 photos
Another Arizen13 1999 Chevrolet Malibu post...
  • Nov 14, 2013
5 photos
Another Arizen13 1999 Chevrolet Malibu post...
  • Nov 14, 2013
10 photos
Another Arizen13 1999 Chevrolet Malibu post...
  • Nov 14, 2013
Another Arizen13 1999 Chevrolet Malibu post...
  • Nov 14, 2013
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  • Engine Size
  • HP
  • 0-60 Time
  • Weight
  • 1/4m sec
  • Torque
  • Top Speed
    140 mph
  • Exterior Color
  • Interior Color
  • Mobile Electronics Pioneer Speakers

    Date Installed
    Mar. 1, 2005

    Installed 03/01/2005

    6x9 and 4x4 speakers to replace the factory speakers

  • Mobile Electronics Kicker Subwoofers

    Date Installed
    Jul. 1, 2009

    Installed 07/01/2009

    this is 2000 watts 15 inch Kicker CVX Subwoofer banging hard in my Malibu!

  • Chassis & Suspension Grant Steering Wheel

    Date Installed
    Oct. 1, 2008

    Installed 10/01/2008

  • Exterior & Accessories Spec-D Tuning Headlights

    Date Installed
    Mar. 1, 2009

    Installed 03/01/2009

    Projector Headlights equipped with H1 Bulbs, Angel Eyes, Halo Rings and LEDs

  • Mobile Electronics Home Made Sub Enclosure

    Date Installed
    May. 1, 2009

    Installed 05/01/2009

    I built it myself and it got two PVC tubing inside (J) which helps with more bass power!!

  • Mobile Electronics Fusion Amplifier

    Date Installed
    May. 1, 2008

    Installed 05/01/2008

    Fusion 1500 Watts mono channel amp block

  • Chassis & Suspension Eibach Lowering Kit

    Date Installed
    Jan. 1, 2011

    Installed 01/01/2011

    My friend and I installed Eibach Pro Kit lowering springs for my car just recently and it handles GREAT! and it lowers to the exact level I wanted! looks great!

  • Wheels Motegi Wheels

    Date Installed
    Oct. 1, 2009

    Installed 10/01/2009

    The rims are 17 Inch Motegi FF7 (I know it won't fit on Malibu!) I got it really good deal from my friend! 300 dollars for whole rims and even tires! I used wheel spacer to allow it to be able to fit on my Malibu since it won't fit on the rear without Wheel spacer!!! This is my favorite rims ever and I finally got it on my ride!

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Comments (27)
  • Arizen13
    Thanks man! Well I need to see the picture of your dash piece to determine if it's repairable... if not then don't worry you can always go to salvage yard to get those parts... they are usually less than twenty dollars!
  • slabryda05
    tight!!!! i like in raceland man i saw your united malibu post this morning i have a problem someone broke in my car stole my double din but the dash piece that holds the deck in broke can it be fixed without getting a new dash? i dont have the pieces they went with the deck 5 stars ride good work on paint
  • GrimReaper96
    Sick! Your car looks awesome!!! 5 star!!! keep it up my bro!
    Nice looking paint job and bady work keep those MODS coming!!!
  • 00trdrolla
    nice ride man love ur rims 5 *'s for u check out my camaro and tell me wat u think..and keep up the good work
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