Plybreezemanin memory of the breeze an drive for now we all should take a sec to please honor this strong mans will to live. my brother and daddy to 2 kids is strugling to stay alive right now an has had a life change he was sitting stop at a red light on north main st. at 3:15pm when a 18 wheeler's drive fell asleep at that point my brothers light trurned green to turn let an the truck ramed him head on nothing stopping the truck.the truck was repoted an still no capture but ok if u read this please try to tell everyone to have one moment of no writing or comment on this for everyone in cluding the owns of this here web site. he was allways talking about this site and how great everone is an nice car folk just like us ! thanks for keeping my brother off the streets an at lease trying to go for track because of this web site he stop street racing an ..... really trying to work hard on the car instead of doing stupid SH**44 but i guess by have a strong talking evirment it shocked is hole world so this is what i am doing if the owns of this web can read this : i have a mitsu galnt an i am going to custumize it in his favor with pic's . again thank you everone who is online who has talked an shared time with my bro!!!!i guess even not racing u end up hurt !