Below is a picture of one of my "dream cars".  I searched and searched, for many years, for CHRISTINE.  I finally found her!!!! Unfortunately, i made the mistake of introducing the movie "Christine" to my EX-wife, Maria.  BAD MOVE!!!!When I finally found the car, all i wanted to do was refurbish it to its original condition.  It took days for me to convince Maria that we should purchase the car.  I explained to her that the movie was only a movie, or so i thought.  I convinced her and she went for it!!! We went to pick up the car and Maria was "haunted" by the sight of it.  I was ecstatic!!!  We finally get CHRISTINE home and when i went to start her up, the car was dead.  It was a very dissapointing moment for me, but I knew that I would get her started up.  Maria, on the other hand, would not go near her.  She refused to sit in her, let alone look inside.The next day, me and My "EX-wifes" boys started to charge her (Christine) up.  There was no way of getting Christine to start up.  By dusk, I was beginning to get frustrated.  I asked Maria to please help me and sit in the car while I worked on the battery, so that she can try to start her up.BAD MOVE!!!!  When Maria sat in the car, no engine running, the radio began to light up and started playing a song.  OH MY GOD!!! (OMG)....  my EX-wife, Maria, started screaming, ran out of the car and informed me that the car was to be sold immediately.  The car was sold within 24 hours.So, unforturnately, my dream car is gone.  This is the only picture I have, and will ever probably have, of my car, called CHRISTINE. I will admit, though, that incident kinda scared me a bit too, LOL.