Hey everybody. I'vehad this mustang for awhile now, since about 2003. It was my daily driver for ever. First major thing i did was a a t5 swap, and rebuilt the rear end with 3.73's back in late 2005. Kept it like that pretty stock except for an exhaust for awhile. I never had the extra cash to dump into it when i was younger. But last year i supercharged it, and now I'm giving the car a suspension makeover!  I've decided to try and turn this car into a drift car. These fox bodies aren't to well for drifting by any means. They are nose heavy poor handling cars. The unibody is weak, front/rear suspension also needs lots of love. Oh don't let me forget the steering angle....well there just isn't enough. Only thing I have to my benefit is power right now, which should be last on the list. But i couldn't pass the blower up a year ago :) I may have been infected with some boost fever lol So anyway here's what I have planned for my potential drift car... The suspension is completely stock except for lowering springs. So for the front I'm ditching the lowering springs for coil overs, and trying to get a few more degrees of steering angle. I need to also swap the the rear for coil overs also. I'm gonna ditch the rear upper control arms and quad shocks becasue they do a shitty job of trying to do 2 jobs at once, and im replacing those witha panhard bar, and torque arm. Then im going to stiffen up the chassis with some subframe connectors. Hopefully i can have a good starting point with the setup. wish me luck!