I just got this beauty a month ago, as a project car for my dad and I to work on this summer while I'm back in Michigan. It's very hard to find classic Italian cars of any sort here, so I was surprised to see this (as well as another Spider for sale on the same day!)So far I've replaced the carburetor and it's running nicely. The car is in pretty decent shape, except the following needs to be fixed/replaced: windshield wiper motor, oil gauge, clock, Fiat badges are faded, driver's side interior door handle is broken, driver's side seat belt is too loose, car might need to be reupholstered, and the paint is a little faded and could use a repaint.I'm debating what color to paint it. Part of me wants to match the current aqua color, part of me wants to paint it metallic green (my favorite color), and part of me wants to paint it true blue. Decisions decisions... More pictures coming in the future.In the meantime, you can check out some of my other car photography either at my my art site, or at my Flickr page!